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The deadline for submissions is 4:59 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 8, 2022. Please submit at least one hour before the deadline to ensure your completed submission is received.

When registering your team on Luminary Lightbox™, enter the name and email of the designated team lead.
This form is best viewed using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10 or higher. To prevent the loss of any entered information, please save the form as a draft prior to attaching any files or editing your team contact information. When submitting, please do not reload the form or exit the browser until you see a message confirming that the submissions has been received.

If you encounter any issues, please email [email protected] with a description of the problem, a screenshot (if available), and the date and time of the occurrence.

Content Areas

Please see the official rules, terms, and conditions for additional details concerning submissions and eligibility.
Please upload a document addressing the following content areas:

Solution description. High-level description of the proposed solution, its intended impact, rationale for efficacy, and how it can be implemented.

Veteran impact. Detailed description of intended audience (for example, a specific Veteran group, region, or context), and how the solution works for these users.

Evidence framework. Demonstration of evidence-based or evidence-informed decision-making in developing this solution, as well as a framework for defining success, including any relevant citations needed.

Implementation plan. Outline for implementation of the solution, which could include how the solution would integrate with VA or other healthcare systems, scale, or attain community involvement, and outline how the solution plans to mitigate any potential risks and barriers.

Needs identification. As an extension of the implementation plan, each submission must include a description of any additional resources the team would need to develop and scale their solution, including a focus on addressing system barriers to implementation.

Team description. A description of the team, including each person’s area(s) of expertise, as well as Veteran status, if applicable.

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